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Desktop PC YouthAVG, a computer security company, “has found evidence that pre-teens are writing malware designed to steal login details from online gamers, both young and old.” And, while “stealing someone’s game logins may at first seem a minor problem, online gaming accounts are often connected to credit card details to enable in-game purchases, and may also have virtual currency attached to them amounting to hundreds of dollars. Furthermore, many gamers unfortunately use the same login details for social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, potentially putting the victim at risk of cyber-bullying, in addition to identity theft and major inconvenience.”

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Wii U Conference Happening In Japan Prior To September 13th

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Shortly after today’s Nintendo Direct, company president Satoru Iwata sent out a tweet to let Japanese consumers know that there will be Wii U news soon. The news will be revealed in Japan sometime during the next couple of weeks – before the Wii U event in New York on September 13th.

Update: Wii U news will be shared prior to September 13th, but it is being reported that it will not come in the form of a conference.

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Mass Effect 3 – Update

Gaming is a lifestyle!

Mass Effect 3And there we have it! Mass Effect 3 demo can be downloaded!
And so I did, first I thought that I would let it be and just wait for the release. But as we all know, it cannot happen.
After downloading the game and installed it through the new tool Origin (that is used in any EA game) I launched it up.

First look at the game menu system and selection of what you want to play is also changed. You can select three types of gameplay.
Pure action, the classic Mass Effect gameplay, or more intense cinematic gameplay where the fighting is easier.

How much more the menu system and character selection is changed is up to you to discover. Without giving out any spoilers incase you want to skip the demo game I can only say it is towards the good side.
I will not say anything about…

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